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people kept stealing books from the guru’s store, so he decided to make them available for whatever anyone could or were willing to pay. shop away!

17 meditations

a pic of 17get it now!

the guru studied #zen for many moons before he discovered these meditations: 17 simple practices you can do in your home, each designed to uncover a particular piece of the path to #zen. with this guidebook, you will banish your doubts, liven your spirits, and eventually learn to fly. read more.


best friends forever: a #zen tale

bestfriendsforeverget it now!

a new story about the enduring friendship between the sunflower and the moon. this book also contains excerpts from two meditations, the meditation of the sunflower and of the moon, which will improve your #zen.


true love stories: 3 #zen tales

lettuce love each other.

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the two tortoises have a love that transcends time itself. how did this love begin? will it ever end? also featuring three haiku and two guides to tortoise meditation, this eboook will make you laugh, cry, and think. read more.


tyger, tyger: a #zen tale

the tyger stares.

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when the tyger traps the guru inside his school, the guru tells a story to save his own life. but that story has grave consequences. contains three dialogues, one monologue, a haiku, and a guide to meditation. read more


25 fliers · get it now!

a collection of 25 easy-to-print, ready-to-post fliers that you can give out, leave around, or post. this is a great way to share #zen in your community.


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