personality test

these questions will help you understand your true self. this is necessary for understanding #zen.

only by knowing yourself may you know #zen.

1. do you like being around a lot of people?
 2. do you find it easy to sit still?
 3. do you dislike the way things are?
 4. are you morally obligated to obey the law?
 5. do you prefer to improvise?
 6. are you deeply affected by your surroundings?
 7. do you enjoy thinking about yourself?
 8. do you believe in God?
 9. do you find it hard to “get out of your head”?
 10. do you have a short temper?
 11. do you prefer reading to going out to a party?
 12. do you fantasize about the end of the world?
 13. do you like to focus on one thing at a time?
 14. do you know how things really work?
 15. if you met yourself, would you like you?
16. do long silences make you nervous?
 17. do you enjoy meeting strangers?
 18. does true knowledge come from within?
19. do your change your mind often?
 20. does success come mostly from hard work?
 21. do you distrust authority figures?
22. do you sometimes feel you are insane?
23. do you often feel ill will toward others?
24. do you dwell on past decisions?
25. do you have any major regrets?
26. do you resent your father?
27. is there a better world?
28. do you now believe something that you once rejected?
29. have you rejected something that you once believed dearly?
30. have you recently dreamed about flying?
31. do you think you will get this question wrong?
32. are you easily awakened by noise?
33. do you believe everything you read?
34. are you an important person?
35. do you often have a cough?
36. does your soul sometimes leave your body?
37. do you look away from your own reflection?
38. are you who you thought you would be?
39. have you recently let yourself down?
40. have you ever had a moment of #zen?
41. are you afraid of success?
42. are you resentful of others’ success?
43. do people tell you that you eat too fast?
44. does somebody love you?
45. will the future be better than the past?
46. would you feel better if you meditated more?
47. do you wish to experience #zen?
48. will you ever understand yourself?
49. will this understanding help you?
50. will you accept the results of this test?

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