137. the guru’s hut burns down

the Goddess disappeared in a cloud of white smoke. the smoke was very hot, and it set the guru’s hut ablaze. the guru ran to the lake to get some water with which to put out his home. when he got there, the tortoise asked him what he was doing.

“i am trying to put out my hut!” he cried.

the tortoise said, “put out? i’ve heard of putting in: putting in effort, putting in time, and more, but i have never heard of putting something out.”

the guru said, “it’s on fire!”

“i have heard of fire being on top of things,” the tortoise replied, “but never things being on top of fire. a hut that is built on a foundation of fire cannot stand.”

the guru was about to reply when the banker ran over the hill and said, “your hut has burned to the ground!”

the guru shook his fist at the tortoise and said, “this is your fault!”

and the tortoise replied, “i’m not the one who built my hut on a foundation of fire.”

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