160. closing statements

the guru and the sophist ended their debate by each giving a closing statement.

the sophist said, “i came into this town, and it was dominated by a single voice, and that voice was the voice of the guru’s. the guru told everybody how to think and how to feel and they listened, and they did as he said, and because of that, the guru grew quite rich and powerful at the expense of the village, but then i came here, and i opened your minds to disagreement and debate. i showed you that you could question the guru and that questioning the guru was okay, and i showed you how to do it. in this, i feel that i have demonstrated my abilities, and that i deserve to be declared the winner of this debate. thank you, everyone. you are all beautiful.”

the guru said, “i wish i was rich and powerful, but other than that i agree.”

who won? the guru or the sophist?