362. meanwhile, in the woods

the tortoise was again lost in the woods, but when he found his wife, he would find himself, as well.

but out of the shadows came not his wife, but the tyger.

and the tyger said, “i have reconsidered what the guru said, tortoise, and i do not think you are as fierce as you have told me you are. i think you are weak.”

the tortoise said, “would a weak tortoise be able to ride on the tyger?

the tyger said, “no.”

the tortoise said, “and yet you are going to let me ride you.

the tyger said, “i am?”

the tortoise said, “or else…

so the tyger, not wanting to know what else, picked the tortoise up and put him on his back. and he said, “where to?”

and the tortoise said, “find my wife!