379. a friendship with the tyger

the tortoise was lonely and trying to make friends, but he could not. until one day, the tyger told him, “i will be your friend.”

the tortoise replied, “is this part of a scheme to eat me?”

the tyger said, “no.”

the tortoise said, “but you would lie if it was.”

the tyger replied, “probably.”

the tortoise said, “but you’re not lying now?”

the tyger sad, “no.”

the tortoise said, “well, in that case, where would you like to hang out?”

the tyger said, “how about we hang out in the deep dark woods tonight?”

the tortoise said that would be great. that night, the tyger crept into the woods, excited that he would get to eat the tortoise in peace. but the tortoise wasn’t there. instead, there was a note tacked to a tree.

the note read, “gotcha!” and it was signed, “your friend the tortoise.”