384. the tortoise fund, part iv: tortoise steady

the tortoise was raising money for a fund to save endangered tortoises.

a villager said, “how could tortoises be endangered? i see them everywhere!”

the tortoise exclaimed, “what? i barely see any.”

the villager said, “they’re all over the village.”

the tortoise said, “my wife and i are the only tortoises in the village.”

the villager said, “what are you talking about? there’s one right there.”

“that’s not a tortoise.”

“of course it is.”

“that’s a rock.”

“a rock?”

“yes, a rock.”

“he’s just hiding in his shell.”

“no, he’s a rock.”

“what about that little guy over there?”

“also a rock.”

“and her?”

the tortoise nodded. rock.”

“well, i’ll be. all rocks.”

the tortoise held out his donation jar. “so?”

the villager said, “are you going to do something about this rock problem?”

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