399. rekap: the sunflower

this is the story of the sunflower, so far.

once, she was a seed.

and against all odds, she sprouted and grew. she climbed out of the ground and reached up at the sky and smiled at the sun.

and then the guru picked her.

he admired her beauty.

and he cast her aside.

she died of thirst on the bank of the lake.

but that was not the end of the sunflower. because she had 99 seeds, and each of those seeds grew into a new sunflower. and the sunflowers grew everywhere.

one grew on the guru’s house. one grew on the tortoise’s shell. one grew on the moon. one grew in a pot on a desk in the guru’s office. one grew on the moon. one tweeted.

they talked between each other. they argued with the guru. they endured storms. they stared up at the sun.

and they smiled.