the 3 laws of love

the three laws of love are the laws that were discovered by the sage in his journey to understand the truth of the oracle’s statement that he was the greatest sage.

1. nobody knows anything

for anything that anyone knows is but a shadow of the truth. we stare at these shadows on the cave walls of our mind and think that they are real. but if we simply turned our head around, we would stare into the fire of love that casts these shadows.

only by admitting that you know nothing, can you fall in love. because so long as you believe you know something, you will despise love as useless, as trite, as mere chemicals in your body. but love exists beyond your body.

2. nothing lasts forever

for everything that people build will crumble. and the banker’s wealth will turn to ash. and the judge’s rulings will be forgotten. and even the Goddess will die. and this is the truth of the world: everything that lives must die.

so many people who wander in the darkness believe that they are building something that will last forever, but it never will. for even the wisest will have their wisdom turn to ignorance. and even the strongest will see their strength fail.

and the bigger your legacy, the greater its downfall. for no matter what you accomplish, all that is will one day not be.

3. love is the exception

love is the light in the darkness! love is the hope in the face of fear. for nobody knows anything, but everyone may know love. and nothing lasts forever, nothing except love.

for love is a song, and the song still is when you stop singing. and nothing you do can destroy a song. you can break the recordings and burn the scrolls, but the song lives still, for a song is love and love is a song.

and a taste is love! and a feeling is love! for a bite of lettuce is delicious, and the taste lingers long after the food is gone. and a feeling lasts forever, because a feeling is love and love is a feeling.

nothing is love, they say, and they are right. for nothing lasts forever. and if nobody knows anything, then everybody knows nothing. and nothing is love and they know nothing, and therefore, they know love.

love is a revolution!

love breaks the laws!

love is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. love is the dream of tomorrow and the hope of yesterday. love is the thought that never dies. love is the heart that beats eternal. love is hope, joy, peace, and happiness.

love is the exception.

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