414. the book thief

one night, a student broke into the guru’s bookstore and stole several books.

but while he was sneaking out, the guru caught him and said, “what are you doing?”

the student looked down at the books and back up at the guru and then he said, “obviously, i’m stealing your books.”

“so you’re not a liar.”

“no,” the student replied. “just a thief.”

“well then, which ones did you steal?”

the student showed him the books: tyger, tyger, love stories, and the collected #zenmas tales.

“those books are actually free,” the guru said.

“oh,” the student replied, and he handed the books back to the guru.

“you don’t want them?”

“i only took them for the thrill.”

“oh,” the guru said, and he thought for a bit, and then he said, “but don’t you know? those books are dangerous.”

“dangerous?” the student asked.

“yes, they hold powerful truths. dangerous truths. reading them could kill you. you know, it’s probably good that you don’t read them. you’re not ready yet.”

the student snatched back the books and ran away.

the guru smiled.

be like the student. steal something free.