463. coincidence

the guru was writing kōan 463 when he grabbed his copy of the book of #zen to look something up. he found what he was looking for on page 463.

“that’s interesting,” he said.

“what’s interesting?” [php function=12] asked.

“just a coincidence.”

[php function=14] replied, “oh, i get those all the time. in fact, i’ve made a list of all the coincidences i’ve experienced this year. so far, 463 of them.”

the guru was struck by this, so later, when he was talking to his friend the tortoise, he asked, “tortoise, what’s your favorite number?”

the tortoise replied, “463.”

it was at this moment that the guru realized the importance of coincidences to #zen. he promised himself that he would understand the meaning of coincidences, why they occur, and what we should do about them.

have you ever experienced a coincidence? share it with @koanoftheday and help the guru’s research