546. 17 is now available

the guru said, “this is the biggest announcement in the history of #zen. it is, perhaps, the biggest announcement in the history of the world.”

“what is it?” the banker asked.

“it is a book of great wisdom: 17. a handbook of meditations that are adventures that are signposts to #zen. you will have fun. you will risk great danger. and you will even be able to levitate.”

“levitate?” the banker asked. “i’ll be able to fly?”

“it will take a lot of effort,” the guru replied, “and much practice of the meditations contained within this book: it is only for the most #zen of students. but, yes, you will be able to fly.”

“what else will i learn?” asked the banker.

the guru replied, “you will learn how to make money. you will learn how to be happy. you will learn how find true love. for the only reason you do not have these things is because you are lost in the woods, and the meditations in this book will provide your light to freedom.”

“i want to buy the book,” the banker said. “how much is it?”

the guru replied, “the book cost whatever you think it’s worth. for this is the case with all things: the more value you give them, the more value they have. if you do not believe in #zen, and you do not follow my instructions, then you will receive no benefit. however, if you believe in #zen, and you follow all the instructions, you will achieve great things.”

the banker bought the book. and you don’t even want to know what he spent on it.

buy 17, a handbook of #zen meditation, today