575. the constable in the courthouse

the constable disagreed with the ruling of the judge, so she decided not to enforce the law.

the judge said, “i’ll send you to jail.”

the constable replied, “who would take me?”

the judge said, “but you took an oath to uphold the law!”

the constable replied, “where did i take an oath stating that i would uphold my oaths?”

the judge said, “this is nonsense. if you did that, you would probably argue that you didn’t sign an oath stating that you would uphold your oath to uphold your oath.”

“that’s true,” the constable replied, “and it isn’t nonsense, it’s the will of the Goddess.”

the judge said, “but the Goddess does not run the village!”

and the constable replied, “well why not?”

the law or the Goddess?