579. the guru’s plea

the banker came to the guru’s school and said, “guru, this is the last straw. you must pay your debt, or i will foreclose on your school.”

the guru replied, “okay, fine,” but it was just to get the guru to leave. for the guru’s school did not make money because his store sold everything for free, and so the guru had no money with which to pay the banker, and he was doomed.

but then, a student came to the guru and said, “guru, have you considered charging us for services?”

of course, the guru had. years ago, he told his students that he would begin charging for classes, and the next class he taught was empty. after that, he gave up on trying to charge his students. he told this to the student, who went away. the guru was doomed.

that night, the guru did something he had never done before. he prayed to the Goddess. he begged her to give him the money he needed to pay off the guru. but the Goddess did not answer his prayer.

however, the tortoise had overhead the whole thing, and he went and got all of his lettuce, and he brought it to the guru, and he put it on the steps of the guru’s school, along with a note that said, “i hope this helps.”

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