631. the guru’s lecture

the guru stood in front of his class, and he gave a lecture that they never forgot:

“i speak to you, today, not as a guru, but as a fellow villager, and i tell you, not what i have learned, but what i still seek. i seek the truth, yes, but more than that, i seek comfort. we all do. and this, this drive for comfort, many condemn it. they say, ‘we should not be comfortable, but correct.’ but many a happy person has been wrong, but few have been uncomfortable.

“however, while your own comfort may be a goal, it should not be your only goal. just as important as your own comfort is the comfort of another, and while one person is cold, everyone is cold. while one person is hungry, we all are hungry. not literally, of course, but i’m trying to make a point here.”

specifically, they never forgot how boring it was.

are you comfortable?