a kōan in the moon

the [php function=5] was not always immortalized on the moon. long ago, the [php function=5] was just a regular [php function=5], but one day, an old man approached the [php function=5] and asked, “do you want to go to the moon?”

now, the [php function=5] was quite suspicious, because going to the moon was difficult, if not impossible, and the old man did not seem like he had the capabilities. however, the [php function=5] had always wanted to go to the moon and immediately replied, “absolutely!”

the old man grabbed the [php function=5] and began to spin around, building up momentum before letting go. the [php function=5] flew up past the trees, past the hills, past the clouds, suddenly thinking, “i’m really going to do it! i’m going to reach the moon!”

but this did not happen. gravity got the best of the [php function=5], who fell back to the ground and landed safely in a shallow pond. the [php function=5] swam to the shore, ran away, hid in a small hole, and cried: no matter how close the moon may have seemed, in truth, it was unreachable.

looking down from its space in the sky, the moon saw this and felt horrible. so it scrunched up its face, smiling in some places and grimacing in others, until it bore the image of the [php function=5].

that night, the [php function=5] saw the moon and cried a second time. while the [php function=5] would never reach the moon, the moon had reached the [php function=5].

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