86. a footrace rematch

the tortoise challenged the guru to a rematch of their footrace.

the guru wanted to expand his school, so he immediately accepted. his plan was to bet on the tortoise and intentionally lose.

when the race began, the guru pretended to twist his ankle. then he hurt his back. then he took a nap. still, after all of this, he was far ahead of the tortoise.

fortunately for him, the tortoise cheated. he caught a ride on a passing carriage and hopped off just before the end. he crawled across the finish line and won.

the guru pretended to be very sad. one of his students saw this and was actually sad. so he investigated the race and discovered the tortoise’s trickery.

the student revealed the deception to the race authorities, who disqualified the tortoise and declared the guru the winner. now the guru was actually sad.

the tortoise, however, was ecstatic. he had bet on the guru.