congratulations on finding your new tortoise friend!


you have an eagle eye. hopefully, you didn’t do what an eagle would have done: eaten the tortoise. if you did, you should go to a doctor because that tortoise wasn’t edible.

he was, however, looking for a friend.

and he has a lot to offer: he’s contemplative, witty, sweet, and hopeful. he loves lettuce and love. he is the star of video games.

and now he is yours.

what should you do with your new tortoise buddy?

he loves being squeezed! please squeeze him as much as you can. a squeeze to a tortoise is like a loving hug, and the more love you give him, the more he’ll love you back.

almost as much as squeezing, he loves to travel, so please take him with you! he is not shy or bashful, and he loves to pose for photographs. take a picture of him and send tweet it @koanoftheday or email it to

the best ones will be included on

he loves riding on the dashboard of cars. put him there and his warm smile will remind you to be a happy and stress-free driver. you can kiss road rage goodbye with a tortoise on the lookout!


he also loves being on bookshelves, by bedsides, or anywhere else in your home where he’ll get to hang with people. he’s very social, so if you don’t want to be his friend, leave him somewhere where someone else can meet him. just please don’t put him somewhere dark and scary and alone.

loneliness is rough on a tortoise.

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