love stories: three #zen tales

some stories are too big for a single koan. when this happens, they’re made available as ebooks. the love of the tortoises is such a story.

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lettuce be together forever.

when they swore themselves to each other in marriage, the tortoises shared their love with the world, and the world had many questions:

how did this love begin?

was it always so lovely?

will it ever end?

the answers to all of those questions, plus the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had, can be found inside “love stories: three #zen tales.”

follow the tortoises from their first meeting to their wedding and beyond. feel their highs and lows, their triumphs and their sorrows and, most importantly, their love.

in addition to three short stories, this collection features three haiku and two guides to tortoise meditation: one for singles and one for couples. this is a crucial step on the road to #zenlightenment.

get it now, before all your friends reach #zenlightenment before you.

get it now!

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