for many years, the guru walked the world as a fool.

in his thoughts, he was muddled. in his actions, he was unsure.

but one day, he stumbled upon a koan. he read it to himself and was confused. he read it again, and still he was confused. he read it a few more times, and he was still confused, but he was alright with his confusion.

this is a state called #zenlightenment.

when one is #zenlightened, one has no fears. one has no worries. one has no doubts. one can do whatever one wills.

the fastest way to reach #zenlightenment is through koan meditation. to meditate on a koan, click “meditate” beneath the koan. a bell will ding. for the next two minutes, read the koan

a few minutes of daily meditation can drastically change your life. you can be more open, more honest, and more free. and best of all, it’s incredibly simple.

to begin, read a randomly selected koan or find one in the archives.

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