the secret society

the guru needs your help!

the guru’s school was falling apart. his students wouldn’t pay for classes. the banker wanted his money back.

so the guru reached out to the wisest and most beautiful villagers.

and he invited them to join a secret society.

the society would go behind the scenes of zen.

members would get to read rough drafts, play zen games before they were released, and help guide the discovery of zen.

over time, they would even learn the true meaning of zen.

in return for membership, the wise and beautiful people only had to support the guru’s school as patrons. this would keep the school open and help spread zen across the village.

if you want to join this society, please pledge on patreon.

patreon is a site like kickstarter, but it’s for ongoing projects. instead of pledging one amount, you pledge a monthly donation.

if you pledge any amount at all, you will join the guru’s secret society and help him spread zen across the village. if you pledge $3, the guru will write a koan about any topic you like. and if you pledge $7, you’ll receive a care envelope in the mail.

right now, you’ll get access to the google doc in which the book of zen is currently being written. you’ll also be able to play lettuce climb, a game in development at the guru’s school.

so pledge today, join a secret society, and help the guru save his school.

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