social outreach

#zen is an inherently social teaching. therefore, the guru’s school makes use of a number of social outreach programs, including a facebook page, a tumblr, and a subreddit.

however, the bulk of the efforts are expended on twitter, through a network of twitter accounts.

the center of our social outreach, @koanoftheday is run by a real-life student-teacher, who shares, encourages, and assists in the spread of #zen.

the #zen archives collects and distributes the #zen of twitter, whether it comes from the guru or from independent teachers. this promotes both community and conversation.
follow the archives.

the sunflower and her love of the sun are truly #zen. so the guru’s school signed her up for twitter and encouraged her to tweet daily. she only tweets about the sun.
follow the sunflower and share in her #zen.

the oracle responds to any yes-or-no question she is asked within 1 minute or your money back. fortunately, the service is free.
ask a question to the oracle

the tortoise was signed up for twitter but has not taken to it. he has only tweeted once.
follow the tortoise in case he ever tweets.

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