the credits

all music and code was written by greg karber. the notes were created in garageband and the code was written in textwrangler.

but games are a collaborative effort. the following is a small selection of the innumerable people whose support was essential.

the lettuce icon was created by david lanham. the trees are from and the tortoise is from

the game was designed in the phaser framework with assistance from the flappy bird tutorial and the html5 game dev forums. and thank the Goddess for stack overflow.

dani messerschmidt helped edit the artwork and playtest the game. also, she provides emotional support and hugs and is head of cat acquisition.

daniel lisi and mason mccusky make great games and gave their thoughts on this one. jan florjanczyk asked, “when are you going to make a game?”

taka and yumi run los angeles’s greatest coffee shop, where most of this game was designed and written.

brian ball runs quality-assurance.

mallory carra is the most dedicated kōanunist.

thanks to chai and jessie for the long walks.

and thanks to my mom and dad, not just for reproducing, but also for encouraging me to study language and math.

you are encouraged to add the game to your website: the #zen that is not shared is not the true #zen.

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