true love found (682)

another student asked, “sage, what is love?”

“love is what keeps you going when you wander in the woods. you are tired. you are lost. your stomach is beginning to ache. and yet, if you have love, you are not lost, you are not weary, you are not hungry. for love guides you. love gives you strength. love is the food that fills your belly.”

but the tortoise said, “no, that’s lettuce.”

“ah, my friend,” the sage replied, “for when you eat a leaf of lettuce, you hunger again. but when you taste love, your heart is full forever. and if the judge throws you in prison, the banker takes your home, or the high priestess condemns you, you still have love, and it cannot be taken away. for love cannot be taken, it can only be given freely, and the more you give, the more you have to give.”

what is love to you?