the path.

$_SESSION[‘source’] = “mountain”;
$steps = ($_SESSION[‘path’] * $_SESSION[‘path’])%17;
if (isset($_SESSION[‘path’]) && (($_SESSION[‘path’] == 1) or ($steps == $_GET[‘steps’]))) {
if ($_SESSION[‘path’] <= 70) echo "

the guru climbed slowly up the mountain, one foot in front of the next. it was difficult, but he persevered, because he was strong, and also because he didn’t have anything better to do.

so far, he had traveled “.$_SESSION[‘path’].” steps.”;
if ($_SESSION[‘path’] <= 5) echo "

the peak seemed very distant.

if (($_SESSION[‘path’] > 5) && ($_SESSION[‘path’] <= 30)) echo "

the peak still seemed distant, but now so did the ground.

if (($_SESSION[‘path’] > 30) && ($_SESSION[‘path’] <= 70)) echo "

the peak was almost within reach!

if ($_SESSION[‘path’] > 70) {
$_SESSION[‘source’] = “peak”;
the guru finally reached the peak of the mountain. from here, he could see across the entire world.

but more importantly, he could see a small plaque which read, “this is the highest point in the entire world. a person who can climb this high can truly do anything. or everything.”

the guru sat and meditated until he decided to descend.
if ($_SESSION[‘path’] <= 70) { $_SESSION['path'] = $_SESSION['path'] + 1; $haha = rand(1,7); $steps = ($_SESSION['path'] * $_SESSION['path'])%17; if ($haha != 5) echo 'should he continue to climb or slip off the path?’;
else echo ‘should he slip off the path or continue to climb?’;
else {
the guru went back to the base of the mountain to begin his climb.

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