koan village 2: the archives

[php] if ($_COOKIE[‘protracker’] < 5) { [/php] the guru could not get into the archives because they were locked. return to the village square.
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the guru stepped inside the archives and noticed two things:

the first was that the room itself was huge.

the second was that there wasn’t much in it.

in fact, it was entirely empty, except for a single book sitting on a small table.
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the guru walked over to the table and looked at the book.

there was something wrong about it.

it looked completely ordinary. ordinary leather binding. ordinary pages. an ordinary book.

except there was something wrong about it.

he couldn’t figure it out exactly, but he knew he would understand when he opened it.
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the guru opened the book.

all of the pages were blank except for one.

on that page was a hand-written note, which the guru read:

the village was never founded. it has always existed, since the beginning of time. but the beginning of time is not as far back as one might imagine.

in fact, the village has only existed for a single night. all of the memories you have, all of the experiences you have had, all of the koans you have written, they are all illusion.

your bodhi cannot help you see outside this illusion, for it does not exist within your mind. you should stop investigating this mystery, as it will bring about your end, and the end of all that you know.

but if you can’t give it up, come to the cabin in the deep dark woods…

these words terrified him. but almost as soon as he read them, he head words which terrified him even more.
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“arrest this man!”

the guru turned toward the source of that last word and saw the constable standing in front of a dozen village guards.

the guru said, “arrest me? for what?”

the constable said, “you’re in the archives. nobody has been able to get into the archives for years. therefore, you must have broken in. arrest him!”

the guards grabbed the guru and hauled him off to jail.
[php]} // wrap it up
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