koan village 2: the lake

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the guru could not investigate the lake, because he was in jail.
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the guru could not investigate the lake because he was currently eating at the all-you-can-eat lettuce buffet.
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the lake was beautiful, like the guru always remembered it.

his friend the tortoise was not there, however. and that made it a little sadder than he remembered it.

the guru thought about going swimming and then glanced back behind him at the woods.
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the guru took off all of his clothing and dove into the lake.

he swam down until he was shrouded by darkness. and then he swam a little bit further, and then he saw, in the deep depths, a light.

he wanted to swim down to see what it was, but he worried that he was running out of breath, and that he needed to swim back up.
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the guru swam toward the light.

as he grew closer, it grew larger, and soon even his failing eyes could see what it was: a tunnel at the bottom of the lake, covered by a grate. the guru could not see the other end of the tunnel, but it clearly had a torch in it.

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if (strpos($attach,”a bronze key”) == false) {[/php]
unfortunately, the grate was locked and would require a key. the guru decided swim back up to the surface.
[php]} else {[/php]
the guru used his bronze key to open the gate. here was a life-or-death choice: he could either swim inside the tunnel, or swim back up the surface.
[php]} // ending the key check
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the guru pried open the grate and swam into the tunnel. the grate slammed shut behind him. maybe this had been a huge mistake.

swim forward.

air remaining: 0:30

[php]if (strpos($attach,”what it is like to be a fish”) == false); else echo ‘(because you know what it is like to be a fish, you have twice as much air.’;[/php]

[php]} elseif ($_REQUEST[‘p’] == ‘cha’) { // surface in the chamber [/php]
the guru climbed out of the water.

he was in a beautifully decadent chamber. the walls were black marble, engraved with tiny letters in a language the guru did not understand and an enormous portrait of a tortoise with his mouth open.

in front of his mouth was a small podium with a marble basket on top of it.

[php]$attach = $_COOKIE[‘attach’]; if (strpos($attach,”a head of lettuce”) == false) {[/php]clearly, the guru needed to place something here. unfortunately, he didn’t have anything that he thought would work.

the guru then noticed a small tunnel leading off to one side.
[php]} else {[/php]
the guru reached into his robes and pulled out a head of lettuce. he placed it on the middle of the podium and a door opened up on the other side of the chamber.

[php]$_SESSION[‘delitem’] = “a head of lettuce”;
$_SESSION[‘delcolor’] = “green”;
$_SESSION[‘delurl’] = “https://koanoftheday.com/village2/”;[/php]
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the guru stepped through the door.
[php]} // closing the statue
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the guru burst through the surface of the lake and gasped for air. he climbed onto the shore and caught his breath. then he put his clothes back on.

then he either returned to the woods or jumped back into the lake.
[php]} elseif ($_REQUEST[‘p’] == ‘doo’) { // if you step through the door
the guru climbed out of the water into a terrifying room.

a giant spiral was engraved on the opposite wall, and between the guru and the spiral was a small podium. on top of the podium was a prayer book.
[php]} elseif ($_REQUEST[‘p’] == ‘pra’) { // opening the book
if ($_COOKIE[‘protracker’] < 3) setcookie("protracker", 3, $cooltime, "/", ".koanoftheday.com");[/php] the guru opened the prayer book and found inside it a single prayer:

if you want to get results from the Goddess, tell her you’re the @koantortoise. amen.

the guru then noticed a small tunnel leading off to one side.
[php]} elseif ($_REQUEST[‘p’] == ‘esc’) { // if you go swimming [/php]
the guru walked through the tunnel. it was pitch black, but his feet felt that there were stairs beneath him. he rose up for awhile until he ran into a wall.

his hands felt the wall and he found a doorknob.

he turned the knob and stepped outside. the door slammed shut behind him before he realized he was on the bank of the lake.
[php]} // closing the final p check[/php]

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