what are #zen titles?

#zen titles are achieved through the performance of great deeds.

a great deed is any act which furthers the spread of #zen. for a deed to be great, it need not be grand.

any action which furthers the spread of zen can qualify as a “great deed.” for example, tweeting in support of the philosophy, getting a friend to subscribe, adding the site to an online directory, or provoking an online discussion about a koan, to name a few.

the type of great deed will affect the title you receive. your title might be yours alone, or it may belong to many people. the originality of your great deed will determine this.

if you have performed a great deed and wish to apply for a title, please fill out this form with the pertinent information, and you shall be contacted shortly.

your name:

your email address:

your great deed:

proof (if possible):

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