$correct = “a friend of the sun”;
$answer = strtolower($_GET[“moon”]);
if (strpos($answer,$correct) !== false) {
the guru said, “a friend of the sun.”

the moon replied, “a friend of the sun is a friend of mine! here, hop on!”

and the moon came closer and closer to the earth.

should the guru jump onto the moon or go back to the village?

else {
the guru said, “i am [php]echo strtolower(htmlspecialchars($_GET[“moon”], ENT_NOQUOTES));[/php].”

the moon says, “oh, well, in that case, i’m just gonna be spinning around up here. later!”

and with that, he floated off into the night sky.

the guru felt like he had missed a great opportunity, and wondered if he could try again. or maybe he needed to visit the village.

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