village square.

the guru stood in the village square. the villagers milled around him. the sun shone overhead. it was a beautiful day.[php]if (($_SESSION[‘done’] !== 1) && ($_SESSION[‘temple’] !== 1)) {[/php] so far, he had done [php]
echo ($_COOKIE[‘noThings’] + $_COOKIE[‘everyThings’]);[/php] of the Goddess’s things.[php]if (($_COOKIE[‘noThings’] + $_COOKIE[‘everyThings’]) == 2) echo ” now all he had to do was wait around for the Goddess to return.”;}[/php]

should he go to his hut, his school, the bank,[php]
if ($_SESSION[‘mountain’] == 1) {
$_SESSION[‘source’] = “village”;
 the far-away mountain,
if ($_SESSION[‘temple’] == 1) {
 the floating temple,
[/php] or the lake?

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