188. an original koan

if (($_SESSION[‘cycle’] >= 0) && ($_SESSION[‘cycle’] < 6)) $_SESSION['cycle'] = ($_SESSION['cycle'] + 1); else $_SESSION['cycle'] = 0; if ($_SESSION['cycle'] == 6) $_SESSION['cycle'] = 0; $choice = $_SESSION['cycle']; [/php] the guru was accused of plagiarism by one of his students: “everything you say is just a new version of something old. give me something original!” the guru said, "[php] if ($choice == 0) echo "there is nothing new under the sun."; if ($choice == 1) echo "good artists borrow. great artists steal."; if ($choice == 2) echo "no man is an island."; if ($choice == 3) echo "there is nothing new except what has been forgotten."; if ($choice == 4) echo "originality is nothing but judicious imitation. the most original minds borrowed from one another."; if ($choice == 5) echo "no bird has ever uttered note / that was not in some first bird’s throat"; [/php]" (refresh to see a different response.)