351. the tortoise goes into the woods

the tortoise and the guru were standing by the lake when the guru said, “i like lettuce, but i don’t love it.”

the tortoise was hurt, and he said, “i love lettuce.”

the guru said, “i respect your opinion, but i disagree.”

the tortoise said, “lettuce is the greatest thing that exists.”

the guru said, “i disagree. what about love? or money? or #zen?”

the tortoise said, “those things are all great, but they are not lettuce. lettuce is nutritious, but delicious. lettuce grows, but romaines the same. lettuce brings life to life. so take it back, or i must leave.”

the guru did not, so the tortoise did. he journeyed into the dark woods, and the guru watched him go. once he had disappeared into the shadows, the guru realized that friends were more important than accurately evaluating lettuce, and he followed after his friend.

[play sixty shells to help find the tortoise.]