375. the guru, the banker, and pots

the guru heard about the banker and the sunflower, and he wanted to help. so he went to the banker and he said, “i want to teach my students how to garden, so i need 100 pots. do you have any?”

the banker went into his vault and found that he only had 99 pots, so he asked the guru, “would 99 be enough?”

“no,” the guru said. “i have 100 students, and each of them will need their own pot. if you could find another one, i would buy them all.”

the banker went to the sunflower and he offered her twice the amount she had paid for her pot. she refused, so he offered her the money and a rock. she thought the rock was really pretty, so she agreed.

the banker hurried back to the guru and said, “i have 100 pots now!”

the guru said, “oh, i changed my mind. now i’m teaching geology. do you have any pretty rocks?”