634. the jubilee

“guru,” said a student, “you have spoken of the jubilee. you have said it is the new beginning, and you have warned that it was coming. but you have not said what it was. tell me, what is the jubilee?”

“do you really want to know?” the guru asked.

“yes,” said the student.

“you must promise to keep it a secret.”

“i do.”

“then i shall tell you.”

the guru took the student into his archives and closed the door. the room was filled with shadows and dust, and the air smelled like old papyrus.

the guru walked to a giant wooden chest. he opened it and took out a scroll. he handed the scroll to the student, who unrolled it and read:

“the jubilee is the end of debt.”

the student furrowed their brow.

“on the day of the jubilee, all loans will be forgiven. the banker will burn his books. and all who are in debt will be free once more.”

the student threw down the scroll and exclaimed, “this will be the end of society!”

“no,” said the guru, “it will be the beginning.”

the jubilee is the dawn of #zen. without it, the world is doomed.

help us bring on the jubilee.