what is bodhi?

bodhi is an important term within #zen. it is a quantified measure of your understanding of the 3 laws of #zen. your current bodhi is listed in the lower-left of each page. right now, you have [php function=1].

$bodhi = $_SESSION[‘bodhi’];
echo “

if ($bodhi < 1000) echo "that is stunningly low. you need to start on the path to #zen."; else if ($bodhi < 10000) echo "you are a beginner, but you are on the path. keep walking."; else echo "wow! you almost have as much bodhi as the guru himself! almost."; echo "


you gain 1 bodhi for clicking on your bodhi. this orients your mind toward #zen. it also plays a song on the lute, in order to encourage your focus.

you gain 77 bodhi for every kōan that you read. this teaches you the principles of #zen.

you gain 777 bodhi every time you meditate.

you gain 7,777 bodhi for taking the #zen personality test.

you gain 77,777 bodhi for reading tyger, tyger or love stories.

there are also a variety of games, each of which offer some amount of bodhi as a reward.

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