kōan games

the second law of #zen states that being #zen is being new. one of the greatest expressions of this law is in the playing of games.

5 koans

a game of cause and effect that moves you through 5 kōans: the guru, the tortoise, the Goddess, the tyger, and the sunflower.

lettuce walk

journey through the forest to retrieve lettuce for your husband. at the end of the game, a poem is display to show you how #zen you were. play now.

sixty shells

a tortoise wandered into the woods. find him, and then find him fifty-nine more times. for every person who beats this game (and emails or tweets about it), the guru’s school will donate $1.60 to american tortoise rescue. play now.

the tortoise trails

you wander through a forest as a tortoise, looking for lettuce. with every bite of lettuce you take, you blink, and you find yourself deep within another forest. these forests are full of secrets: 3 sunflowers are hidden in them. play now.

the koan village

a text-based game spread across five kōans where you help the guru do two things for the Goddess. but you have to discover what those two things are.

the guru’s trials (featuring the hidden caves):

another text-based game spread across five kōans. can you help the guru pass the oracle’s trials and ask his question. this one has a secret ending.

the koan village 2:

the sequel to the kōan village. designed to be solved by a group of people, so far only a single person has completed the game. will you be the second?

additional kōan games

are you a developer?

developers are encouraged to make games based on the kōans. if you have any questions about this, or would like to ask advice, email guru @ koanoftheday (.) com.

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