“no!” the guru replied.

the Goddess smiled.

“congratulations, dear guru. you have passed the test. in refusing my command, you showed an obedience to that which was greater than i. for this, i will present to you a thousand bodhi. but know that bodhi is worthless. what is valuable is the sense to know what is worth doing and what is worth refusing, and also this trophy.”

[php]$_SESSION[‘newitem’] = “a #zen master trophy”;
$_SESSION[‘zencolor’] = “orange”;
[php function=13]

and then she disappeared, and she took her temple with her.

the guru bragged loudly about his success.

then, he wandered back to the village.
if ($_SESSION[‘done’] !== 2) {
$numberOfTimes = $_COOKIE[‘bodhiScore’]; // How many times have they visited?
setcookie(“bodhiScore”, $numberOfTimes+1500, time()+3600*24*365, “/”, “”);
$_SESSION[‘done’] = 2;
$_SESSION[‘temple’] = 0;

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