koanoftheday.com is a free project maintained by the guru’s school in order to promote the practical philosophy of #zen. important documents include what is a kōan?, what is kōan study?, and the 3 laws of #zen. we also have created several games.

we operate the free stuff store.

everything original is licensed some rights reserved.

if you have any questions, please email the reprezentative at reprezen (@) koanoftheday (.) com or get in touch on twitter through one of our social reprezentatives.

to help the guru’s school in its mission of global flow, please purchase the guru’s books in the free stuff store, distribute fliers or donate to the tortoise fund.

for adventurous souls, the school is always looking for new #zenterns, who will learn the practical philosophy of #zen from the guru’s student-teachers and perhaps the guru himself. apply today.

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