397. rekap: the tortoise

the tortoise loved lettuce.

he also loved to dream. he also loved to debate #zen with the guru. but he loved lettuce the most.

when he met another tortoise in a lettuce patch, he found that lettuce wasn’t the only thing he loved most.

they got married. the guru presided over the wedding, and everyone in the village attended.

the guru wrote a book about them.

the tortoise once scared the tyger. he once got lost in the woods. he once rescued a sunflower from a spooky abandoned temple. he once tweeted.

the tortoise helped his wife set up a fund for tortoises. once, he disappeared, and mrs tortoise asked the guru for help finding him. later, the same thing happened to the tortoise.

the tortoise went on many adventures, but he always came back and stood by the side of the lake and chatted with the guru.

the guru and the tortoise are old friends. send a message to an old friend today, and your friendship will grow like lettuce.